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A Collection of Tuesday’s Pearls of Dog and Cat Behavior

Each Tuesday, a behavior-related “pearl” is posted on our Facebook page. Here is a collection of the pearls posted since August, 2011, when the page was launched. I will continue to post them here as well on each Tuesday, and … Continue reading

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Omitting “NO” From Your Vocabulary

On New Year’s Eve I posted a list of ten resolutions for dog owners and said I’d be elaborating on some of these in future blogs.  One of the resolutions was to omit the word “no” from our vocabularies as … Continue reading

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What defines animal abuse?

The Colorado legislature has rejected a bill that would require a public registry of convicted animal abusers, similar to sex-offender registries. Such a registry already exists in Suffolk County, NY and makes it possible for the public to view convicted offenders. … Continue reading

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Seven Litter Boxes Gone Wrong

One of the benefits of making housecalls is being invited into the homes of my patients. In homes with cats, litter boxes make for some interesting social as well as elimination (that is, bathroom) behaviors. Not everyone is aware of … Continue reading

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