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Behavior Clinic

Services for Pet Owners

Whether your dog or cat is biting, fighting, urinating and defecating in the house, chewing and scratching, fearful, or you are simply concerned about his or her behavior, help is available. Reisner Veterinary Behavior & Consulting Services offers a comprehensive range of services for pet owners who seek solutions to problem behavior, or would like to prevent problems before they begin. Our goal is to help you live safely and happily with your companion animal, no matter its age or background.

As a veterinary behaviorist, Dr. Reisner is experienced in the evaluation of both physical and behavioral health of dogs and cats. Treatment recommendations are based on:

  • Scientific principles of learning and applied animal behavior
  • Veterinary medical knowledge
  • Humane behavior modification
  • Realistic expectations for busy families
  • Commitment to safety for both people and pets

Reisner Veterinary Behavior Clinic Services

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Behavior Consultations

If you are concerned about your dog's or cat's behavior problem, we can help. Learn more about Behavior Consultation Services


Problem Prevention

We can help you manage the behavior of your kitten, puppy, dog, or cat before a problem develops. Learn more about Problem Prevention Services