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Offered Services


  • Target audiences: pediatricians and other primary care physicians, surgeons, nurses, veterinary clinicians and staff, parents/caregivers, pet owners, governmental groups, insurance industry employees, schools, shelters
  • Lectures, with or without Powerpoint presentation, available by appointment and covering behavioral aspects of dog bites and safety recommendations
  • Educational seminars for middle and high school students

Dog Bite Research and Study Design

  • Pilot-level dog bite and prevention collaborative studies
  • Dog bite prevention testing
  • Assistance with grant proposals, literature review and study design

Communication Materials

  • General dog bite prevention
  • Understanding canine body language
  • Age-appropriate dog safety brochures

Community Outreach

  • Neighborhood "DogWatch" program development
  • Safe fencing initiatives
  • Safety with unfamiliar dogs

Course development and teaching in behavioral medicine

  • Tailored to appropriate audience level
  • University and professional curriculum teaching

Legal Expert Consulting

  • Available by appointment

Insurance Industry Consulting

  • Risk assessment
  • Housing/fencing assessment
  • Breed vs behavior consultations